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Training Fins

  • Junior FinsF518
  • Junior FinsF518
  • Junior FinsF518
Junior FinsF518Junior FinsF518Junior FinsF518

Junior FinsF518

  • Materail:PP+TPR
  • OEM:Yes
  • MOQ:300pcs /color
  • Delivery:10-25days
  • Product description: Fins material: 1. Hard plastic: PP 2. Soft rubber, TPR material 3. The stand: TPR + EVA material Size: S(9-13/US 1-4) M(40-41 /US 7-8) L(42-43 /US 9-10) XL(44-45 /US 10.5-11.5)


Contact: Erice Huang

Phone: +86-13717386810

Tel: 0769-86234953-666


Add: Qi Feng Industrial Area,Nan Kang Village,Qi Shi Town,Dong Guan City,Guang Dong Province,China

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