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Snorkeling Fins

  • Amazon  Hot Selling Fins F618
Amazon  Hot Selling Fins F618

Amazon Hot Selling Fins F618

  • Materail:Tempered+Silicone
  • OEM:Yes
  • MOQ:300pcs /color
  • Delivery:10-25days
  • Product description: M6202&SN619 sets scuba gears 2018
  • 100% food-grade silicone breathing tube and mouthpiece. Non-toxic and odor free for an extra comfort and safe
  • Innovative foldable design for easy carry. You can roll it up and put it into pocket or just put it in your bag. A folding snorkel is exactly what it sounds like - the snorkel is folded in half or in thirds. Ideal for travel or trip. Foldable for compact storage
  • Perfect for snorkeling, spearfishing, underwater photography or freediving. Make you like a fish under the water
  • Extremely low volume with small frame which allows the lens to be closer to your eyes to create a wider view. This is achieved by using multiple direct injection techniques to minimize the frame distance
  • Easily adjustable buckles fit for various head types. One size fit most

  • Product description

    Innovative mask with snorkel set featuring the innovative, lightweight and comfortable folding mask. The twin lens design which is set in soft silicone means the mask can easily be folded making it less bulky when packing. Superb quality and lightweight which makes it an ideal travelling set.

    Tempered Glass:
    Silicone skirt offers great comfort fit
    Lightweight, innovative folding design - ideal for travel
    CE approved - Tempered Glass
    Low volume mask,high vision design
    Easy, quick pinch clip strap adjusters

    Folding Snorkel:
    Silicone Mouthpiece - For extra comfort
    Large bore tube for unrestricted breathing
    Corrugated flex connector tube

    Package Content:
    A snorkel
    A tempered glasses
    A snorkel keeper


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