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Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Dear new and old customers and all colleagues:

         Farewell 2020, usher in 2021 full of hope, opportunities and challenges!

Thank you for your support and trust over the past year.At the same time, we hope that in the new 2021, we can continue to get your support and trust. We will continue to provide you with better service!

       Our traditional Chinese festival "Spring Festival" is coming, in order to let the company colleagues have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival,

Our company's specific holiday time is as follows:

February 5-2021 ~ February 20-2021 

(15_ days in total).

Due to the inconvenience caused by the holiday, please understand!

Please call me if there is any emergency.

Thank you again for your support and trust!

I sincerely wish everyone a happy New Year!Money is plentiful!Business is booming!All the best!


The 2021-2-2


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