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  • Snorkeling Gear M6203+SN612
Snorkeling Gear M6203+SN612

Snorkeling Gear M6203+SN612

  • Materail:Silicone
  • OEM:Yes
  • MOQ:300pcs /color
  • Delivery:10-25days
  • Product description: Silicone Snorkel Set,Snorkeling Gear Diving Mask Fins and Mesh Bag

  • Food-Grade Silicone: tempered glass diving mask, a dry snorkel and a pair of adjustable fins, food-grade and odorless silicone to guarantee safety&durability. 100% soft silicone rubber skirt, mouthpiece and head strap provide maximum comfort.

  • 100% Dry Snorkel: Soft silicone mouthpiece helps prevent jaw fatigue; full-flex section for maneuverability; ergonomically-designed snorkel holder with a quick-release clip for easily detaching snorkel from mask strap.

  • Tempered Glass Lenses:anti-fog tempered glass lenses, which are shatter-resistant and could provide you with clear panoramic sea views. Soft silicone rubber skit for perfect seal on face. Simply adjust the silicone head strap with the ratcheting buckle to fit your head properly.

  • Comfortable  fins:strong and quick-release buckles for easy donning and doffing fins; the durable ratcheting buckles for adjusting the straps easily to fit your feet; foot pocket placed beneath the blade for increased power and efficiency and Polypropylene blade provides a variable flex.

  • A Mesh Bag Included: mesh bag with a cord drawstring is included for easy carrying and storage of the snorkel set.


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